About ~ Creator

Note: This site is a keepsake. I don't take contracts anymore and this comic explains why:
How a Web design goes straight to hell

Now I'm finally enjoying myself with my site bananapoop.com.

The multimedia is my chosen career because it satisfies both my artistic and scientific sides.

My eagerness made me do the most intensive studies; I have a great potential of comprehension and learning. My contracts also made me acquire a lot of knowledge.

My innate talents of creativity, organisation and logic give me intuitive senses for
the design, the ergonomy, and the programming.

I'm humoristic, but I take the quality of my work very seriously.

I aspire to the excellence, and also to the innovation and the originality.

It's fundamental to me to create a site that is pertinent, efficient and pleasant.

I’m looking for a company in accord with my philosophy and where I could take roots. One that will allow me to take on new challenges; I have many additional skills that are waiting for the opportunity to flourish.

I love what I do, contact me to see if we’d enjoy doing it together.